Summerfield Coffee Roastery

Summerfield Coffee Roastery is a home roastery that roasts coffee beans in-house. We are committed to providing high-quality coffee beans that are ethically sourced and roasted to perfection. We take pride in your work and strive to create the best possible coffee experience for your customers. Our passion for coffee is evident in every cup you serve, and you are dedicated to sharing that passion with others. Our company also roasts green coffee beans to light (city), medium (full city) and dark (full city+) roast levels, Since 2018, we started to be a Roasted Coffee Beans supplier to coffee shops, grocers and other retailers.

Daily Roasting Schedule

Our roasting system is “Roast by Order”, to guarantee the roasted beans shipped to your address in a VERY fresh condition!

Customer Relationship

Long story short, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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